Konverzace v anglickém jazyce - 9. třída (skupina koaj)

Šárka Chlupová
        Domácí úkoly:

        Domácí úkol na 24. 1.: Choose one personality from Czech history and make up a fictive interview with him/her.

        Domácí úkol na 17. 1.: Present a Time line of the Czech history using pictures and description in groups.


        Domácí úkol na 3. 1.: Fill in Xmas worksheets enclosed. Present your games if you didn´t have time last lesson. qCrossword -- qPuzzle -- qQuiz.

        Domácí úkol na 20. 12.: Prepare little quick game connected with Xmas.

        Domácí úkol na 13. 12.: Interview your mate about his/her Christmas holiday plans.

        Domácí úkol na 6. 12.: Fill in your worksheet and play two scenes presented there.

        Domácí úkol na 29. 11.: Play a role of a passenger and a custom officer at the airport; introduce the process from the check-in to the boarding.

        Domácí úkol na 22. 11.: Introduce Olomouc transport infrastructure and propose improvement changes as if you were a city councillor or a mayor.

        Domácí úkol na 15. 11.: Introduce one mean of transport, describe it and speak about its advantages and disadvantages.

        Domácí úkol na 1. 11.: Prepare a short innaugural president speech (as if you were a new Czech president); watch last 5 minutes of attached (or all).


        Domácí úkol na 25. 10.: Learn your role by heart, bring requisites, be ready. Everybody plays again (the sound didn´t load up very well last time. Wear the same clothes (see enclosed photo). qWenceslas.

        Domácí úkol na 18. 10.: Learn your role by heart, bring requisites, be ready.

        Domácí úkol na 11. 10.: Learn your role in St Wenceslas play, bring costumes and requisites. Send me the script and link to a video to Mr Dew (thanx). See edited script enclosed. qSvatý Václav edit.

        Domácí úkol na 27. 9.: Introduce St Wenceslas life narrating a story, in a dialogue or a drama play.

        Domácí úkol na 20. 9.: Prepare a plan for a real holiday journey and explain the process of preparation (how to travel, where to stay, what to do before you go).

        Domácí úkol na 13. 9.: Make up a dialogue about your holidays.

        Písemné práce:

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