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polévka zeleninová s cizrnou, zapečené špagety s mozzarellou, okurkový salát, čaj s citrónem

  • Milí žáci, od 4. 1. 2021 se volitelné předměty zatím nevyučují.
Domácí práce
  • domácí práce na 15. 12.: Play the role of a Christmas scene as a parent and a child, use future with will/to be going to.
  • domácí práce na 8. 12.: Make up 5 questions you´d like to ask your mate about distance study and answer his/hers. Practise a dialogue. Upload to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 1. 12.: Watch the Thanksgiving story and note down a timeline in your EB how the events followed in the past (when did the Pilgrim fathers arrived, what happened next etc.) and speak about how people celebrate it today. Upload to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 24. 11.: Talk about a significant London sight of your choice. Upload the audio to Teams. (If you´ve already talked about a London sight within UK sights, choose a different one.)
  • domácí práce na 10. 11.: Watch this video about London and note down the London sights with their basic info in your EB (upload to Teams).
  • domácí práce na 3. 11.: Complete pg 7 in your UK worksheet while watching the video till the end. Upload to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 20. 10.: Complete your worksheet about UK, pg 6. Worksheet and video available here as well as on Teams. intro1 --- intro2 --- intro3 --- intro4.
  • domácí práce na 14. 10.: Dear pupils, I obtained all your hws sent today; I haven´t reacted to any of them yet ´cos I´d like to offer the feedback and evaluation to a current Teacher practice student Ms Dohnalová who´s in charge of your yesterday´s (13th Oct) English Conversation lesson. So please wait for her reaction (hopefully today); from my point of view - good job of all audios and videos!
  • domácí práce na 13. 10.: Speak about an issue of your interest in UK (a place, a monument, a city, a music group etc.); don´t read the text, describe pictures. Upload your audio/video record to Teams KoAj 7.
  • domácí práce na 6. 10.: Prepare a short UK presentation.
  • domácí práce na 29. 9.: Bring your family photo and describe its members.
  • domácí práce na 15. 9.: Make up a picture story about your summer holiday.