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polévka cibulová se sýrem, vepřová kotleta se šípkovou omáčkou, knedlík vícezrnný

Domácí práce
  • na 20. 10.: Complete your worksheet about UK, pg 6. Worksheet and video available here as well as on Teams. intro1 --- intro2 --- intro3 --- intro4.
  • na 14. 10.: Dear pupils, I obtained all your hws sent today; I haven´t reacted to any of them yet ´cos I´d like to offer the feedback and evaluation to a current Teacher practice student Ms Dohnalová who´s in charge of your yesterday´s (13th Oct) English Conversation lesson. So please wait for her reaction (hopefully today); from my point of view - good job of all audios and videos!
  • na 13. 10.: Speak about an issue of your interest in UK (a place, a monument, a city, a music group etc.); don´t read the text, describe pictures. Upload your audio/video record to Teams KoAj 7.
  • na 6. 10.: Prepare a short UK presentation.
  • na 29. 9.: Bring your family photo and describe its members.
  • na 15. 9.: Make up a picture story about your summer holiday.