Konverzace v anglickém jazyce - 8. třída (skupina koaj)

Šárka Chlupová
        Domácí práce:

        Domácí práce na 17. 6.: Watch this part and learn!

        Domácí práce na 10. 6.: Watch Lessons of a Dream and sum up what happens in the movie.

        Domácí práce na 3. 6.: Watch this video about British school system and compare with ours - what´s different?

        Domácí práce na 27. 5.: Watch this Friends series about nonrefundable booking; repeat the marked phrases out loud, then note down top ten phrases (of your choice) and translate them into Czech (upload to Teams).

        Domácí práce na 20. 5.: Watch and learn these useful travel phrases and make up a similar dialogue. Upload your audio to teams.

        Domácí práce na 13. 5.: Watch this cheking in and fill in the enclosed form. qAt the hotel.

        Domácí práce na 6. 5.: Book a holiday stay virtually via booking.com like this. Fill in the date of arrival and departure, number of adults and kids, destination etc., choose your place of stay and tell us all relevant information about it (including the price, meal, accommodation character, car parking etc.). Upload your audio to Teams.

        Domácí práce na 29. 4.: Watch this video about British homes and fill in the worksheet available either here or in Teams KoAj 8 File. qHomes WSH.

        Domácí práce na 22. 4.: Describe your own flat/house; record and upload to Teams.

        Domácí práce na 15. 4.: Make two lists describing differences between Uk and US households by watching this.

        Domácí práce na 8. 4.: Make a list of Easter words you find in this video.

        Domácí práce na 1. 4.: Andrew S., Andrew M. and Hana - upload your prepared gap text of a song to teams KoAj 8 (+ link to youtube or add the name of the song and its interpret). All others - fill in the gaps and upload your result to Teams KoAj 8. This is not an April Fool´s Joke!:-)

        Písemné práce:

      Dnes je čtvrtek 9. července 2020. Svátek má Drahoslava, zítra má svátek Libuše a Amálie.