Dnešní oběd:
polévka rajská s tarhoňou, rizoto z vepřového masa sypané sýrem, sterilovaný okurek, jogurt, sirup

  • Milí žáci, od 4. 1. 2021 se volitelné předměty zatím nevyučují.
Domácí práce
  • domácí práce na 20. 1.: Extra task for those who wanna improve their marks from English Conversation:

    Choose from topics: covid vaccination - pros and contras, how effectivelly organize time in quarantine, nontraditional hobbies.

    Upload your audio till 24th Jan.

  • domácí práce na 17. 12.: Play the role of a Christmas scene as a parent and a child, use present perfect, past simple and question tags.
  • domácí práce na 10. 12.: Make up 5 questions you´d like to ask your mate about distance study and answer his/hers. Practise a dialogue. Upload to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 3. 12.: Speak about how you spent the quarantine, about the cons and pros and propose a study promotion from your point of view. Upload to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 26. 11.: Watch the Thanksgiving story and note down a timeline in your EB how the events followed in the past (when did the Pilgrim fathers arrived, what happened next etc.) and write how people celebrate it today. Upload to Teams then.
  • domácí práce na 19. 11.: Read the worksheet on US presidential elections enclosed here and work out the task; upload your audio/notes to Teams. qThe US presidential elections task --- qUS 1 --- qUS 2.
  • domácí práce na 12. 11.: Watch this and make notes about NY sights (most significant places, skysrapers etc.) in your EB, upload to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 5. 11.: Read the story attached here and complete the task in your EB (upload then to Teams). You can also watch this. qimg150 --- qimg151.
  • domácí práce na 22. 10.: Watch Top 10 US Attractions and make notes in your exercise book (basic info to each item). Upload your notes to Teams Koaj 8.
  • domácí práce na 15. 10.: Choose one US state; make up a dialogue with your mate about its typical/interesting issue. If not possible, upload to KoAj 8 Teams only your audio.
  • domácí práce na 8. 10.: Fill in the worksheet about USA, answer all questions and prepare 10 questions task in your exercise book.
  • domácí práce na 1. 10.: Prepare brief USA info presentation.
  • domácí práce na 24. 9.: Ask your mate about his/her vacation and make up a dialogue.
  • domácí práce na 17. 9.: Speak about what you enjoyed and what you didn´t on your vacation.