Dnešní oběd:
polévka rajská s tarhoňou, rizoto z vepřového masa sypané sýrem, sterilovaný okurek, jogurt, sirup

  • Milí žáci, od 4. 1. 2021 se volitelné předměty zatím nevyučují.
Domácí práce
  • domácí práce na 20. 1.: Extra task for those who wanna improve their marks from English Conversation:

    Choose from topics: covid vaccination - pros and contras, how effectivelly organize time in quarantine, nontraditional hobbies.

    Upload your audio till 24th Jan.

  • domácí práce na 16. 12.: Play the role of a Christmas scene as a parent and a child, use Conditional sentences; bring your English Student books with.
  • domácí práce na 9. 12.: Make up 5 questions you´d like to ask your mate about distance study and answer his/hers. Practise a dialogue. Bring your Studentbooks for English lessons with, please.
  • domácí práce na 2. 12.: Speak about how you spent the quarantine, about the cons and pros and propose a study promotion from your point of view. Upload to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 25. 11.: Learn about Thanksgiving with Friends here. Note down all new vocabs you learnt and sum up the episode shortly in your EB. Upload your notes to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 18. 11.: Read the enclosed text on Covid experience in the world answer the task and write your own text for the Czech Republic. Upload to Teams. qCov 1 --- qCov 2.
  • domácí práce na 11. 11.: Report what means of transport are available in Olomouc, what means are missing here and what´s your proposal for promoting transport service for public. Upload your audio to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 4. 11.: Watch this about Means of transport, list them all down in your EB + make more notes (characteristic, pros and cons); make use of the speaking activity at the video end. Upload your notes to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 21. 10.: First read this Canadian Overview and then try this quiz and upload the result to Teams.
  • domácí práce na 15. 10.: Dear pupils, I haven´t reacted to your nice hws ´cos your Teaching practice student Ms Dohnalová is going to check them on Monday and I´ll upload your marks to your e-books then. Thank you for your patience.smiley
  • domácí práce na 14. 10.: Complete the worksheet about Canada. Upload to KoAj 9 on Teams. The video is here. qDay to Day Life in Canada.
  • domácí práce na 7. 10.: Introduce basic facts about Canada.
  • domácí práce na 30. 9.: Choose one of the Ursuline student profile, describe it and play the role with your mate showing the character.
  • domácí práce na 23. 9.: Report what kind of summer holidays did your parents use to have at your age.
  • domácí práce na 16. 9.: Write holiday guidelines addressed to your first grade mate(s).