• Výuka probíhá od 13:05 do 13:50.
Domácí práce
  • domácí práce na 27. 3.: Final scene The Robbery on the train shooting. Learn your lines.
  • domácí práce na 28. 2.: The Robbery - final shooting - learn your lines by heart. Multimedia room. Additional script enclosed. qThe Robbery on the train script 1 --- qThe Robbery on the train script 2.
  • domácí práce na 21. 2.: The Robbery - learn your roles by heart (Heda - write your own line), bring property.
  • domácí práce na 14. 2.: Drama shooting. Learn your role of The Robbery by heart. Bring necessary property.
  • domácí práce na 7. 2.: Adapt the scrpit The Robbery to the whole group (write more lines for more characters) and learn your role. qThe Robbery 1 --- qThe Robbery 2 --- qThe Robbery 3 --- qThe Robbery 4.
  • domácí práce na 24. 1.: Mark all places you´ve visited so far in a CR map and note down places you would like to visit and have never been to.
  • domácí práce na 17. 1.: Introduce an interesting place in CR. Prepare a presenttion or describe a picture.
  • domácí práce na 10. 1.: Introduce the Czech Republic to a foreigner.
  • domácí práce na 3. 1.: Interview your partner about his/her Xmas holidays.
  • domácí práce na 20. 12.: In pairs or groups of 3 prepare a Xmas gap-fill song.
  • domácí práce na 13. 12.: Compose a Xmas poem consisting of 16 words you copied to your notebook.
  • domácí práce na 6. 12.: Play the role of St. Nicholas and one of his legends or how the Czechs celebrate this day.
  • domácí práce na 29. 11.: Make up a role play between a customer and an officer at the airport.
  • domácí práce na 22. 11.: Read the Airport worksheet, fill in the exercises and describe the process of checking in at the airport.
  • domácí práce na 15. 11.: Make up an interview between a foreigner and a Czech citizen explaining the circumstances of Velvet revolution (17th November 1989).
  • domácí práce na 8. 11.: Describe one mean of transport (can be an unusual one) so as the others may guess it.
  • domácí práce na 1. 11.: Present basic information about Olomouc traffic/means of transport and compare dis/advantages.
  • domácí práce na 25. 10.: Make up an interview between a reporter and Czech citizen about Czech state origin and important dates in its history.
  • domácí práce na 18. 10.: Speak about an interesting place/personality/fact of Canada.
  • domácí práce na 11. 10.: Fill in the second page of Canadian worksheet.
  • domácí práce na 4. 10.: Introduce basic information about Canada.
  • domácí práce na 27. 9.: Negotiate your bucket list with your mate in a dialogue (What have/n´t you done yet?)
  • domácí práce na 20. 9.: Make up a lecture about how to plan vacation/travelling.
  • domácí práce na 13. 9.: Talk about your summer from your parents point of view.

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